Calendars do not update in TimeWorks 1.2.5 on Mac OS X 10.7

There appears to be a problem where the events do not update.  This is under the following conditions:

  • Mac OS X 10.7 and
  • TimeWorks 1.2.5 and
  • Purchased from the Mac App Store

Sandboxing (see here was introduced in TimeWorks 1.2.5. This is a
requirement for ongoing applications on the Mac App Store.  It seems that a sandboxed application does not receive calendar updates under Mac OS X 10.7, but does under 10.8.

The easiest solution is for you to upgrade to 10.8.

If you don't plan to do that in the near future, please contact me as I have an alternate solution which should tide you over until either you upgrade or the problem is addressed.


Currently known issues:

  • Unable to see MobileMe or Google calendars.
    This has been addressed in 10.7, Lion.
    However, delegate calendars are still not able to be loaded. 
  • Desktop display moves off-screen with other views.
    Cannot currently be returned to how it worked originally.  See above.
  • Cannot click on Desktop icons (like hard drives) when covered by a TimeWorks event.
    This is a consequence of moving from the Expose mode to a HUD window - I had to make the Desktop display active, which made the events respond to mouse clicks, which meant that when an event is covering a desktop icon, you can't click on it.

    I thought about having a second hotkey to make the desktop display disappear, and thought that one per app was enough, and that two would be almost impossible to remember.  Instead, I've don'e something that might be just as dificult to remember:
    If you mouse into the Hotbox with the option key down, it will toggle the hidden/shown state of the display.

TimeWorks and 10.7 (Lion)

In Mac OS X version 10.7, Apple has changed many aspects of the user interface. TimeWorks relies on a very fine-tuned understanding of how the user interface is structured in order to place its displays in exact locations.  Unfortunately, this has meant that TimeWorks version 1.1.4 and earlier (including all versions of iCalViewer) do not work properly with Lion.

Later versions of TimeWorks address this and will continue to match with the new operating system.


If you find any problems or have suggestions, please contact me!





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