CLCs running out of money

Community legal centres (CLCs) provide hundreds of thousands of hours of free legal assistance to the most needy people in our society. Despite all the people who volunteer and professionals who do pro bono work, they still need funding to function. The Federal Government does not agree, and had been decreasing funding to CLCs over time. This has reached a situation where they reported having to turn away nearly 160,000 people in the 2014⁄15 financial year - 2⁄3 of them because of insufficient resources.

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Hooray for Hugo!

Why Hugo? Why not Drupal or Wordpress which I have built sites with before? After all, Wordpress purportedly runs 2⁄3 of the world’s web sites. Why not go with the flow? I can give you the following reasons: Meets requirements Here is what I want from this web site: deliver content telling people about me and what I do, and tell people things that I find interesting. Why do I need a huge setup with a backing database, logins to remember, and the never-ending security updates?

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New 'new website'

Hugo has over a hundred templates. They cover all sorts of different styles, and are for many different purposes (but mainly for blogging). Many have been translated from other static site generation environments. There are some interesting ideas there, both in terms of what/how to display content, and in navigation. This makes me really happy to have comes across the environment - one of the problems on the web as it reaches maturity is that there is an almost hegemonic sameness to content display.

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Updating the TimeWorks license

(Note that I’ll update this blog entry if needed.) The TimeWorks licensing system is moving to a commercial system. If you are a current license holder You will be able to obtain a new license for free. You can do this by downloading an updated version of TimeWorks. When you run it, if it is activated, you will see a window which announces the move. If you click on the highlighted button, you will be able to ‘buy’ a license for no cost.

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A New License for TimeWorks

The current implementation for licenses in TimeWorks was home made. Interestingly, I developed it before the Mac App Store came out, and it has many similar features, for example, for the license code, it uses a long cryptographic key (too long to reasonably expect you to type in), and when you go to use it, it validates against server data. However, it is incomplete, time-consuming to maintain, and the old-fashioned look and feel of the purchase process doesn’t instill much confidence for a prospective purchaser.

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New Website

What should an ‘about me’ web site have in it? Fancy animations, pictures, graphics and sounds? Yes if you’re a graphic artist, but I’m not one, so no. Just plain words are fine. As it happens, there’s a movement to create simple web sites in an easy way - it’s a move to creating ‘static web sites’. Interesting, and worth a trial, so here is a static web site created using Hugo.

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