New Website

28 June, 2016

What should an ‘about me’ web site have in it? Fancy animations, pictures, graphics and sounds? Yes if you’re a graphic artist, but I’m not one, so no. Just plain words are fine.

As it happens, there’s a movement to create simple web sites in an easy way - it’s a move to creating ‘static web sites’. Interesting, and worth a trial, so here is a static web site created using Hugo.

Hugo is an open source program which turns files written in markdown into HTML which you then upload to a web server. The result of this is that the sites run blindingly fast - fast because there is no extra processing required - no checking in databases for background colours, and whether you are logged-in or not.

Hugo is theme-able, which means that each page on a web site can have a particular look and feel, and there are quite a few to choose from: This site uses the theme by digitalcraftsman, and is hosted here: Cactus Theme.

This makes everything simpler, and more manageable - if you want to create a simple web site.

I like this. 😀

Of course, projects like this are never completed - there is always something to add, and some setting to tweak. For example, another theme provides a time-to-read indiction, and that seems pretty cool - wouldn’t you like to know about how long it will take you to read something before you start?

Anyway, here we go!!