Colophon, License and Privacy


All opinions are my own.

If you want to copy anything from this site, you need my permission, and need to be able to provide attribution.

Any content that is not mine and appears on this site without attribution is there by honest mistake. If you find anything like this, please tell me and I will rectify it!


The site was built using the Hugo static web site builder.

It uses the Universal theme by Bootstrapious. Thanks to DevCows for porting it to Hugo!

All rights, licenses and warranties to Hugo and the theme remain with them. The content of the site, where different from the above is © Copyright 2017 Karl Goiser. All rights reserved.

The home page uses Vincent Garreau’s amazing Particles script


Any apps which I sell outside the App Store or Mac App Store will use some form of licensing and purchasing scheme. The current scheme is Paddle. I do not see or store credit card or any other financial information. If you are considering a purchase, you should look through the Paddle privacy policy.


I’m against spying on people. Spying is bad. Only jealous losers spy on other people, and that’s because they want what the other has. If you’re a spy, go away and make something for yourself, and make others jealous of you!

I don’t gather information about people. On the other hand, I might want to know something about the people visiting this site, or using any apps I develop, so the policy is light-touch, minimalist, and aggregated. (My life is busy and complicated enough as it is, so I’d have to have a hole in my head to want to know about anybody else’s!)

I never have, and never will pass on any information without consent of the people involved. The only proviso to this is if I am legally obliged to, but I don’t see that happening.

I want to build great apps which you will find useful and be happy to use. If I gather any information about people it will be solely for this purpose, and is subject to the above.

As always, please contact me via the links below if you have any concerns or suggestions.