Updating the TimeWorks license

(Note that I’ll update this blog entry if needed.) The TimeWorks licensing system is moving to a commercial system. If you are a current license holder You will be able to obtain a new license for free. You can do this by downloading an updated version of TimeWorks. When you run it, if it is activated, you will see a window which announces the move. If you click on the highlighted button, you will be able to ‘buy’ a license for no cost.

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A New License for TimeWorks

The current implementation for licenses in TimeWorks was home made. Interestingly, I developed it before the Mac App Store came out, and it has many similar features, for example, for the license code, it uses a long cryptographic key (too long to reasonably expect you to type in), and when you go to use it, it validates against server data. However, it is incomplete, time-consuming to maintain, and the old-fashioned look and feel of the purchase process doesn’t instill much confidence for a prospective purchaser.

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